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Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposal ensures that there are no blockages in the drain caused by large food particles found in the pipes, and it’s more efficient as you don’t have to keep throwing waste food into the trash every time. Like any other appliance, you might experience problems with your garbage disposal from time to time. Some of the problems you might encounter include garbage disposal not working when turned on, garbage disposal jamming, leaking garbage disposal, and loud sounds from the garbage disposal, among others. These problems may arise due to electrical faults of the disposal or introduction of other food materials or objects such as avocado leaves, corn husks, plastics, etc. Doing repairs on the garbage disposal yourself has been known to get very dangerous with many cases of amputated fingers when individuals insert their fingers to try and fix the garbage disposer. To avoid such incidences, it’s advisable that you leave the garbage disposal repair to the experts.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

To get garbage disposal repair, it will cost you around $193 to $232.81. However, these figures might vary on a frequent basis depending on the circumstances one is in. One of the factors that play a significant role in the cost determination is the kind of problem the garbage disposer is facing. Electrical fault costs differ from that of a clogged disposer. During a repair, the need for new replacement parts may arise. When this happens, it usually means more repair costs as the parts get charged differently from the repair service. The brand of the garbage disposal matters a lot as some brands are of top quality and fixing them needs professionals. Our experts can accurately determine what needs to be repaired and give you a free estimate.

Our specialists understand that garbage disposals don’t always break down at convenient times. That’s why we offer emergency services 24/7. While emergency services may cost a little more than garbage disposal services during regular business hours, sometimes these services are necessary and worth the extra few dollars.


Garbage Disposal Repair


Will a garbage disposal repair fix the odor coming out of my sink?

Yes, it will! Some of the common kitchen smells are due to the rotting waste food that’s stuck in the garbage disposal or drain. It can also be as a result of sewer smell from gas leaking through the vent or drain trap. Garbage disposal repair aims at troubleshooting the cause of the smell and sealing if it’s a leakage. If it’s waste food stuck in the drain, they will undo the clogging and apply certain chemicals to clear up the bacteria that might also lead to such smells.

What do your garbage disposal repair experts say about what I should and shouldn’t send down the sink?

Generally, there are some things that our garbage disposal repair professionals advise against. Some of these items that shouldn’t go down the drain include food scraps, glass, metal, condoms, flammables, explosives, rags, solvents, paints, and polish remover.

The noise emanating from my disposer is louder than usual, should I get garbage disposal repair?

It will depend on some few things. Before you call us for garbage disposal repair, you should be a little bit patient and see if the loud noise will pass as it might be due to an object that has found its way into the disposer like metal, or even kids’ toys. If it doesn’t pass, you’ll want to call us at this point.

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